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The Wellness Reset — Whole Body detox…

Our Wellness Reset Whole Body Detox packages are designed to address the whole person: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. All packages include initial and follow-up consultations, the Standard Process 21-day Purification Program, a “Before and After” Body Scan and Evaluation and B12 injections with Dr. Salcido. Receive support, wisdom, guidance and encouragement from five experts on your 21-day journey to vibrant health. Feel refreshed, light, empowered, pampered…GREAT!

Choose a Package that’s perfect for YOU.


This is our premier package. Think of it as a luxurious, “stay-cation” version of visiting an expensive detoxification spa. The 21-day Purification program will enhance your health and result in you feeling amazing. With the REVITALIZE Package you will receive two services or treatments from each of our talented practitioners each week. We are here to offer you encouragement, first-hand-experienced input and information that will augment the many benefits of this program. The ultimate choice! A $2,010 value for $1,600.



A comprehensive package; with the REJUVENATE Package you’ll receive one service or treatment from each of our gifted practitioners each week as you follow your cleanse program. Because we now know the vital importance of doing detoxification on a regular basis to attain and maintain optimal health, you will want to make this experience a regular part of your life. A $1,315 value for $1,055.



Garner the benefits of detoxification; get some excellent support along the way. Receive one treatment or service per week as you follow your cleanse program. The RECHARGE Package offers, at a great price, all of the basics that you will need to feel wonderful as a result of your 21-day cleanse. A $760 value for $610.


THE Power Package One-week intensive

Looking for a powerfully effective program; don’t have three weeks to devote to it? We’ve got you covered! You’ll be delighted with the results you’ll get with the Power Package. In just one week you’ll feel lighter and refreshed…and, we hope, inspired to carry on with your wellness regimen. A $1,385 value for $1,110.